Holiday Items

We love celebrating and decorating for the holidays as much as the next person. So to keep items in the store relevant to the current holiday/season we have special rules for these items.

Seasonal Decorations

  • Seasonal Decorations should arrive early in the appropriate season.
  • Outdoor, Deck and Patio Furniture is accepted March 15th - September 1st.

Holiday Decorations Policy.

  • Holiday decorations will only be accepted in the appropriate time leading up to said holiday. They
    will be treated as, and take markdowns just like normal items up until the holiday.
  • Immediately following the holiday they will go on sale for 50% off for the 10 days that follow.
    — These 10 days will be the pick up window for any consignors who would like their unsold holiday items back. ($10 minimum applies. 24 hour advance notice required.)

Holiday Start Date

Valentines — January 1st
St. Patrick’s Day — January 1st
Easter — January 1st
Halloween — August 1st
Thanksgiving — September 1st
Christmas — October 1st