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This page is for consignors to review before arriving at the store with items.  It includes items we are not taking temporarily due to space requirements.  The current list of restrictions may change on a daily basis depending on what has sold recently.

Current List of restrictions:  11/24/19

Clear Glass Dishes or Glassware

Dishes:  Christmas Only - No Regular Dishes

Baskets:  Christmas Only or Extra High Quality

As space allows; changes daily.

Consignor Alerts
Permanent Restrictions: 

Palm Trees: Your lovely art work of palm trees, beaches, seagulls and the like is not saleable in the deep woods of North Carolina.  You won't find beach wear in Maine and you won't find down jackets available in Key West.

Garage Sales: Scallywag's does not aspire to be your garage sale of choice.  If you bought it at a garage sale four years ago for a quarter, it's still only worth a quarter here, and we don't want it. 
Because the majority of our consignors bring us beautiful, unique, and desirable items, we must be very conscientious about weeding the wheat from the chaff.   This is especially true of clear glass.  We're happy to look through it when you bring it, but don't want you to be upset when we send portions of your delivery to donation.

Donations:  We no longer hold items that you have dropped of at Scallywag's for consignment if we don't accept them for inventory unless you notify us immediately upon the receipt of your item list email  that you want them back.  All unacceptable items are designated for donation and go out on the next donation date.
These items are not marked in your account as donated because they never entered into our inventory.

Outdoor:  We accept outdoor items between April 1st and August 31st.

Christmas:  We do not accept Christmas items until November 1st each year.

Holiday and Seasonal:  Please don't bring us Easter after Easter has passed.  The same applies to Halloween, Thanksgiving.  These items must be sold in advance of the holiday.
Click HERE for our standard list of acceptable items.