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This page is for consignors to review before arriving at the store with items.  It includes items we are not taking temporarily due to space requirements.  The current list of restrictions may change on a daily basis depending on what has sold recently.

Current List of restrictions:  9/16/20

No Rugs until further notice

No outdoor furniture.  The cut off date is 9/1/20

At this time there is a moratorium on:
Clear Glass any kind!  (bowls, trays, drinking glassware)

Comforters, Bedspreads, Duvets and other bed linen: Call the store before your delivery to see if we are accepting.  Our ability to display them is the limiting factor.  If we have space available, we will let you know.

Consignor Alerts
Permanent Restrictions:  8/28/20

Christmas:  We do not accept Christmas items until November 1st each year.

Enclosed computer Desks

Enclosed TV Cabinets with less than 40" wide opening.  No TV cabinets with pocket doors or with the backs cut out.  (PLEASE SEND A PHOTO FIRST)

Palm Tree Art Work
Click HERE for our standard list of acceptable items.